व्यवसायाबरोबरच सामाजिक बांधिलकी ची जाण ठेऊन शेतकऱ्यांना योग्य तेच मार्गदर्शन करावे व आवश्यक तेवढ्याच निविष्ठा देऊन शेतकऱ्यांना अडचणीतून बाहेर काढावे….डाॅ.तानाजी चिमनशेट्टे यांनी असे आवाहन केले
October 29, 2021
परसबागेतील कुक्कुटपालन करा आणि घराला आर्थिक हातभार लावा
October 30, 2021
Financial Literacy Program in coordination with DRISHTI..
Extension workers who are working among rural self-help groups and also for loan disbursement and repayment for establishing small enterprises need deep knowledge regarding finance management skills. They need to explain financial procedures and their importance to people. Hence financial literacy among themselves is more important while working in the field. Hence Training programme on Financial literacy was conducted for such extension workers by the Dept. of Home Science, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sagroli Nanded II on 22/10/2021 in coordination with DRISHTI, Mumbai. Mr. Hetal Pathak from Mahila Housing Seva Trust, Gujarat was the resource person for this programme. He explained each and every point regarding financial management, its importance, various tools for financial awareness among rural people very effectively. Total 14 extension workers from Sagroli, nearby village and Mumbai were present for the programme. #Financial #Literacy #Program #DRISHTI #kvk #Sagroli #Nanded

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