Kisan Goshti Program
November 11, 2020
Organic Grower Certificate to Organic Growers Group Ikalimore
January 12, 2021

OFTs are regularly being conducted by KVK Sagroli to convince the on-field farmers of the relevance & viability of the new technology.  OFTs are effective measures for testing newly developed technology.  OFT mainly aims to test the proven technologies evolved at research stations.  It helps KVK to comparatively assess the results of technology in respect of the cost-effectiveness & more suitable available resources in the district.  

A group of 20 farmers from three different groups was given, Phule Gunwant, a variety of Hybrid Napier under the OFT program conducted on 11th Nov 2020 at Takalgaon, Tq Naigaon.  They were also supplied with the 1000 fodder cuttings of the hybrid Napier which is an important perennial fodder crop that helps animals to get green fodder with 9-14% protein all year round.  It does not require much water for its production & hence is also helpful to farmers.  The first harvest can be done approximately 120 days after planting and the next harvest can be done every 60 days thereafter. It can produce about 150-200 tons per hectare. This hybrid Napier fodder has various varieties like DHN6, Phule Gunwant, CO.4, IGFRI 7, COBN 5, etc. These various varieties are available for viewing as well as for sale at KVK.

We would also like to mention that, Considering the importance of these beneficial perennial fodder crops, the Nanded District Animal Husbandry Department has provided fodder cuttings of DHN 6 variety to 182 farmers in Kandhar, Naigaon, Ardhapur, and Mukhed talukas for planting under the National Dairy Development Project through KVK.   A total of 5,83,200 fodder cuttings were provided from KVK farm for cultivation in approximately 48.6 hectares of land between August and September.



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