KVK Infrastructure

Host institute KVK and farm is situated in 200 acre campus perfectly in the rural area on the bank of river Manjara, the centre has an area of 21.17 hectare land required for the technology assessment and demonstration while another 36 hectare cultivable land belongs to host institute.

KVK infrastructure Comprises Dairy, Polyhouse, Nursery, Cafeteria, Fishery unit, Sericulture unit, Seed processing, Food processing unit, Fruit Orchard,Neem Oil and Cake manufacturing unit, Custom Hiring Centre, Poutry, Goutry, Azola Production, Hydrophonic, Bio fertilizer, Organic Farm, Milk Collection centre, Procurement centre etc.

KVK Building,Host Institutes buildings and the demonstration farm is used for the on farm testing and demonstrations of new technologies. It is also used for the genesis of the good quality seed and seedling.