• On-farm testing to assess the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various fanning systems.
  • Front line demonstrations to establish production potential of technologies on the farmers’ fields.
  • Capacity development of farmers and extension personnel to update their knowledge and skills on modem agricultural technologies.
  • To work as Knowledge and Resource Center of agricultural technologies for supporting initiatives of public, private and voluntary sector in improving the agricultural economy of the district.
  • Provide farm advisories using ICT and other media means on varied subjects of interest to farmers.
  • Data documentation, characterization and strategic planning of fanning practices.

Further activities

In order to achieve the changing scenario of agriculture, KVKs would further strengthen the following activities:

Creation of database: Statistics of district agriculture and its allied sectors as well as technological options using appropriate tools and techniques of ICT

Action plan on technological interventions: Based on farmer’s problems and priorities in ago-ecosystem perspective

Entrepreneurship development: The HRD, group approach and secondary agriculture Delivery of technological inputs: Production and supply of quality seeds, planting materials and livestock strains

Convergence: Sharing and judicious use of resources with other schemes/agencies